You, or the candidate you are supporting, may have knowledge, understanding and commitment all that it takes to be a great leader.

But first she has to get elected! And that takes strategy.

Strategizing to win takes account many variables – technical and psychological, logistical and tactical.


The list below is certainly not exhaustive but are some of the keys you will need to open the door for you.

Yes, there are odds to beat, and not everyone who runs wins, but the chances are better if the team remembers this:

  • Believe that it is possible. Believe that you/she can win.
  • Clarify your purpose. Know your/your candidate’s key message and how to communicate it effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Engage in your local union and your local community. (Link to the slide – attend meetings – see Page 11 of Anne’s ppt)
  • Plan Develop a campaign plan. (link to checklist)
  • Create a support base. Network with anyone who might be able to help.
  • Build a team with a campaign manager who is committed to seeing you win and that includes people with a variety and multiplicity of skills and diversity. 18 of ppt
  • Get the support of a femtor/mentor – and be a femtor to someone you believe in
  • Walk the walk – don’t just talk the talk. Make sure that along with leadership style, you also cultivate leadership substance.
  • Know your strengths and challenges.
  • Know the rules for being elected, such as timelines and requirements for nomination, i.e., photo, bio, declaration.
  • Understand the key issues.
  • Be prepared to answer hard questions.
  • If you don’t know the answer, just say you will follow-up and then be sure you do.
  • Gather and publish genuine endorsements from influential, credible individuals.
  • Know your opposition/competition.
  • Prioritize effective campaign communications, such as speeches, media relations, printed materials and ads, website, social media, swag, etc.
  • Start your campaign by listening.
  • Focus on the issues.
  • Keep your budget up to date.
  • Get out there! and reach the electorate.
  • Concentrate on your strengths and not on criticisms. While it is important to listen, do not let negative comments become your focus.


  • Who do you know who could open doors for you?
  • What support do you need to run?
  • Think about your core messages and who might be on your team.
  • In other word, start strategizing NOW!



Download this campaign plan template to get started [LINK]

[Francine has drafted this template… we need to link to it.]