Opening doors for women leaders

WHY this? Why now?

The teaching profession around the world is predominantly a work force of women. In Canada women represent more than 70% of teachers in the primary/elementary and secondary public education system.

While there have been gains in the number of women in school administration, they are still vastly under-represented in the leadership of teacher organizations.

The CTF-FCE feels that it is time to address both systemic and attitudinal barriers to leadership within teacher organizations.

WHAT is it?

  • a practical web-based resource focused on the supports, strategies, and structures necessary to assist individuals and organizations interested in improving gender representation

  • a source of inspirational stories from women leaders in teachers’ organizations

  • a living guide that will be updated and added to regularly

  • a bank of ideas and tools for building campaign strategies

HOW can it be used?

FEM•LEAD•FÉM can assist with many things, including:

  • election campaigns

  • workshop development

  • organizational reviews

  • professional learning

  • femtoring and mentoring