Not all organizations will be waiting for women* with open doors. You may come across what you perceive to be closed or locked doors.

The key to opening them is not to give up. If they don’t open from the inside, you might just have to work to open them from the outside.

To do so, it is essential to have supports: human supports (family, coworkers, femtors/mentors), financial and network supports.

  • Build a network of supports. Ask yourself: who among my family, coworkers and network can support me? Who might be effective members of my campaign team? Who are the experts I should turn to?
  • Find your femtors/mentors and seek their advice. Look among the advisors and key colleagues in your organization or community for those who can best provide you with advice on strategy or supports. Figure out times and ways to effectively learn from them.
  • Discover who among your campaign team is effective in getting out the vote.
  • Look for communications supports for writing copy, slogans, speeches; designing ads, swag ideas etc.
  • Seek supports who excel at research and can help study the issues and collect information.
  • Find “critical friends” to act as sounding boards.
  • Solicit donations and financial supports.
  • Avail of opportunities to learn and network (e.g. women’s conferences).
  • Prepare for those who are not supportive and seek strategies to deal with them.
  • Who already does and who could support you?
  • Has someone opened a door for you?
  • Who holds the door open for you?